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Books in english

These books are also available in English. (More to come.) For more information on the other thirty plus books by Anders Hallgren, see the “Bibliography” page.

Ethics and Ethology – For A Happy Dog

A better life for man’s best friend

This book is intended to be a guide on how to improve a dog’s quality of life and thereby develop the best possible owner-dog-relationship. The advice given is based on an ethical approach as well as modern ethology, and it also takes into consideration what the psychology of learning has shown is the best way to train a dog.

Also by Cadmos in German: Einfach Artgerecht – Ethik und Verhaltungsforschung für ein glückliches Hundeleben

To be published in Swedish.

Back Problem in dogs – Underlying causes for behavioral problems

This is the E-book version of the paperback

Back Problems in Dogs – Underlying causes for behavioral problems

A Research report by Anders Hallgren, Animal Behaviorist, Psychologist, MSc

Anders Hallgren’s study showed that it is almost as common for dogs to have back problems related to the spinal chord as it is for human beings. In a normal population of 400 dogs 63 % of these had some sort of defect as defined by the chiropractors that were cooperating in this study. In many cases, there were problematic behaviors correlated to back defects. One of the most alarming findings was that as many as 91 % of the dogs that had been pulled hard on the leash, or themselves had been pulling hard, were found to have defects in the neck!

The result of this study has since its first release spread throughout the world. Many dog clubs and trainers have changed training methods and no longer use hard jerks on the leash. Many have also abandoned the collar, especially the very damaging choke chain and now use a harness to walk their dogs.

Stress, Anxiety and Aggression in Dogs

Stress in dogs – what triggers it and what abolishes it?

Stress in dogs is an important topic for dog owners now more so than ever before.

The most common symptoms of stress are anxiety and aggression. This book describes in detail how stress is triggered and the effects that it has on the body. Stress prevention and relief are also dealt with in the book.

From the contents

  • Stress – a wonderful mechanism • What you should know about stress • The physiology of stress • The brain – how it functions under stress • Stress factors in dogs • Treatment and healing

Mental Activation

Dogs need to encounter and overcome physical and mental challenges to remain happy and well. Unless this fundamental need is met, the dog will be inert and passive and may develop behavioural problems. It is therefore every dog-owner’s duty to arrange appropriate stimulation for their dog. The reward is a happy and balanced companion who is permitted to express its specific behaviour and who has a close and harmonious relationship with humans.

In this book, Anders Hallgren describes simple exercises designed to stimulate and improve your dog’s senses. It is not vital that the dog learns to perform these tasks perfectly, but to challenge its mind and intelligence. Practical exercises are divided into four groups: obedience, problem solving, trailing and coordination. It is a perfect training manual for all dog owners, who are interested in new ways of stimulating their dog.

Also available as e-book:

Smoke alarm training for your dog

A unique training method invented by Anders Hallgren on how to train your dog to alert for smoke and fire in your home – at least one minute before a technical smoke alarm device. This training is spreading around the world. And it is fun and easy for your dog and it’s effective. The “Smoke Alarm Training for your dog” was chosen book of the month at (USA) in July 2003 together with Anders Hallgrens other book “The ABC’s of Dog Language”.

This training manual has been translated to many languages.

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